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An interactive resource for improving family law systems
AssessFamilyLaw.org is a free resource designed to stimulate discussion about and improvements in family law systems in the United States, Canada, and ten other countries.

About AFL.org

AssessFamilyLaw.org is a free resource of the Freedom 22 Foundation.  It is a tool to promote more interest in and dialogue about the development of better legal processes and practices for serving families in crises.

Professionals can expect to find two important resources on AssessFamilyLaw.org:

The Assessment used by this website is the result of consultations with hundreds of family law professionals, including family judges, attorneys, and others.

More information on developing better family law systems is available on A Brief Introduction to a Cooperative System of Family Law and its Expression in AssessFamilyLaw.org, including its link to a 30-minute explanatory videostream.  We welcome your comments, ideas, and inquiries on this project.  Feel free to contact us at info@AssessFamilyLaw.org.