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02/03/2020 Lake County, Indiana, United States Recent Changes:None
Upcoming Changes:None. We adopted new family law rules years ago that are only occasionally followed - often ignored and need to be updated. The Courts themselves caption cases Petitioner and Respondent despite our Local Rule to the contrary. How frustrating is that?
01/29/2020 Madison County, Indiana, United States Recent Changes:This is so stupid. Who is going to pay me for all this additional time? Most of the families I deal with do not have the resources for all of this nonsense and who wants all these government busy bodies constantly looking over your shoulder. Have any of you read the book 1984???
01/29/2020 Saint Joseph County, Indiana, United States Recent Changes:1. Simplified process for referral to free DR mediation (via Notre Dame Clinical Law Program). 2. New offering of parenting coordination and guardian ad litem services through Domestic Relations Counseling Bureau (County agency).
Upcoming Changes:Not an improvement, but a curtailing of availability of guardian ad litem services to non-divorce cases only.
01/29/2020 Posey County, Indiana, United States Recent Changes:Regular pro bono mediation by volunteers for pro se litigants, to encourage participation & ease the burdensome & time consuming hours/days/weeks spent by overworked Judges.
02/16/2018 Elkhart County, Indiana, United States Recent Changes:Formation of Cooperative Family Law Task Force
Upcoming Changes:Revision of Local Rules Evaluating new methods to reduce conflict early in the case.
01/07/2014 Tippecanoe County, Indiana, United States Recent Changes:Improvements in forms and instructions to assist the pro se litigant. Consistent monitoring by Judges with regard to attendance of the live parenting class as well as the UpToParents.org and ProudToParent.org website work.
Upcoming Changes: Seeking additional funding sources to sustain the Speed Mediation Program available at no cost in IV-D Paternity Cases. Discussion of appropriate referrals to the Speed Mediation Program.
12/09/2013 Lake County, Indiana, United States Recent Changes:Collaborative divorce
12/09/2013 Tippecanoe County, Indiana, United States Recent Changes:The requirement to speak to the opposing party prior to filing a request for hearing has resulted in several settlements which would otherwise have taken up the court's time and cost the parties additional funds.
Upcoming Changes:Sending more cases to mediation especially those who are unrepresented.
12/07/2013 Tippecanoe County, Indiana, United States Recent Changes:adoption of the Family Law Rules and judicial oversight that they are followed
12/07/2013 Tippecanoe County, Indiana, United States Upcoming Changes:This is not a real survey but merely asking for an endorsement of so called reforms. In a recent case I had custody changed and even though the parent who lost custody was in court and there a motion to modify child support on file no child support was ordered. This, and the failure of opposing counsel to give any discovery (and yes I did a motion to compel) led to no child support being ordered for over 11 months. Blocking access to the courts is NOT HELPFUL. CHILDREN NEED CHILD SUPPORT which means that sometimes we actually need to see a judge who can make a ruling. I have always tried to resolve cases without coming to court. I don't need rules telling me to do what common sense would demand. I now get the feeling that this is not all about making things better for children but instead about making the judicial work load lighter. Such long delay makes things more volatile because justice is not being served.
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