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An interactive resource for improving family law systems
AssessFamilyLaw.org is a free resource designed to stimulate discussion about and improvements in family law systems in the United States, Canada, and ten other countries.


Description and Purpose of the Websites

1. What exactly are these websites?

The three websites are unique tools to help parents through difficult transitions.  Divorcing and divorced parents can find help at www.UpToParents.org.  Parents never married to each other can find help at www.ProudToParent.org. Parents intending to stay married but wishing to remember their children's needs as they work through marital problems can be helped by www.WhileWeHeal.org.

Each of the websites is a chance for parents to take an interactive timeout from their conflict to consider 50 Commitments they could make to their children in periods of conflict and stress.  Our experience in working with hundreds of families is that children have critical needs at such times, that only parents can effectively answer those needs, and that parents come out much better themselves when they make protecting children their highest priority.

2. Why did you create the sites?

In our counseling and mediation work with parents, we saw the startling differences parents were able to achieve for themselves and their children when they put their conflict on hold and focused for a time on their children's needs.

We originally had parents doing versions of these exercises on paper in packages that were mailed to them.  When we saw the difference that their work made, we chose these websites as the best vehicle to give this opportunity to all parents.