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This website gives professionals the opportunity to quickly assess their family law systems.  The assessment is based on 25 measures that jurisdictions can use to better (1) ensure safety, (2) reduce conflict, (3) build cooperation, and (4) protect children and healthy family relationships.

No claim is made that any particular measures will ever be the final word in what a good family law system should include.  However, these measures have received broad review, and we think they are a worthy standard for all jurisdictions to consider.

More information is available on A Brief Introduction to a Cooperative System of Family Law and its Expression in, including its link to a 30-minute explanatory videostream.

Upon completing this assessment online, professionals will receive a report on their family law systems as well as valuable comparative information on other jurisdictions’ systems.  These online assessments will also contribute to the databank about family law systems in thousands of counties.  

A hard copy of the assessment is available HERE.

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We have worked with attorney and judge consultants in all 12 countries covered by this website to determine the best way to assess jurisdictions. Depending on the locale, this may be by county, district, circuit, or other government subdivision. See HERE for an explanation of the options we offer in each country.

If you wish a new option to be offered for your locale (this may be a new district or circuit or even an individual judge's court, e.g., Judge Elizabeth Stephenson's court), email your request to

Whatever jurisdiction you decide to assess, we encourage you to invite colleagues to do so as well in order to compare results and consider improvements.

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